Welcome to the web home of Emerald’s Golden Light home parties. Our concept is a lot like other direct sales companies but we offer a unique product line to aid you in bettering yourself on the inside! On this site, you will find our online catalog to order our products as well as a page about the man who started the business and what the company is to him. We have parties for meditation, psychic development, creating the change that so many people seek in their lives.  Our consultants are highly trained in meditation, holistic healing such as reiki, psychic science and many other skills. Many people say that they cannot meditate or relax; we say that with our meditative techniques anyone who is willing can do it! Our home parties are not exclusive of any genders or ages, as we urge everyone to use meditation. So explore what we have to offer, and book your party or one on one session with us!

Party Details
Every party with Emerald’s Golden Light is different. The consultant will have a few activities to play, and will give you a tour of some of the products we offer.  we will make sure all your guests have a great time. Each party is roughly 3-4 hours long and absolutely free to host!

Bookings by email
Bookings by phone call

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